A Time Of Fellowship With Brazil Jewish Federation Leaders

Yesterday, I had the honor of welcoming Herry Rosenberg, President of the Rio de Janeiro State Jewish Federation, and Paulo Malz, Vice President of the Israeli Confederation of Brazil (Confederação Israelita do Brasil), for lunch and a tour of our prophetic community at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

During our time together, we talked about our mutual vision to promote Christian–Jewish relationships. We made plans for activities that we can do together to further those relationships. We talked about foundational teachings that would give Jews and Christians an understanding and appreciation of each other’s beliefs. We recognized our shared deep burden that Christianity and the world be free from anti-Semitic thinking and attitudes.

I am grateful for this simple time of sharing our hearts together. By God’s grace, may our fellowship continue to grow.

Upcoming Event With Father Claudio

I invite you to join with me this Sunday, March 19, 2017, as I attend an event at Mother Mary and St. Jude Thaddeus Parish, a Catholic church located in Padre Miguel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is the parish of Father Claudio Santana, my dear friend and brother. I am looking forward to all that the Lord will unfold during our time together.

You can view the event live starting at 5PM Rio de Janeiro time at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaFyRXEgjlE&feature=youtu.be

We Must Study To Know God, Not To Know About God

Yesterday evening I brought a message titled, “We Must Study To Know God, Not To Know About God” in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

At the invitation of Cardinal Dom Orani João Tempesta and Father Fabio, I spoke to 155 seminarians at Seminário Arquidiocesano de Sao José do Rio de Janeiro (São José Archdiocesan Seminary of Rio de Janeiro).

The greatest theologian was Jesus. He came into the true purpose of theology: a knowledge of God (Matthew 11:27). Everything that Jesus did was because He knew the Father and He had the Holy Spirit empowering His life. The apostles of the Early Church had this, and they turned the world upside down (Acts 17:6).

We must be creating ministries and seminarians who turn the world upside down with oneness and love—all because they know the Lord Jesus and are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

The world needs the anointing of the Holy Spirit to rip it out of the hands of satan and to hand it back to the great Creator to whom it really belongs. We will be this impartation that the world needs as we press on into a true knowledge of God.

God Will Fulfill His Word Over Israel

This evening I brought a message titled, “God Will Fulfill His Word Over Israel” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

When Israel cried out in the midst of the annihilation against them, God instructed Ezekiel to prophesy to Israel: “I will put My Spirit within you and you will come to life, and I will place you on your own land.” Ezekiel 37:11-14. In the midst of the threat of annihilation against Israel today, we also take this instruction to prophesy God’s Word to Israel.

We love that which is begotten of God, and the Word tells us that Israel is God’s first-born son (Exodus 4:21-22). “. . .whoever loves the Father loves the child born of Him” (I John 5:1). In our prophecy we are releasing faith through love. We prophesy the restoration of Israel and the Jewish people.

We stand on God’s Word over His people, knowing that God WILL fulfill His Word. With the restoration of Israel, God’s first-born son, we also eagerly await our own baptism into the promise of Abraham—so that we too will be given a new heart and a new spirit, that we may walk in His statutes and keep His ordinances.

Communion — Our Deliverance From Annihilation

This evening I brought a message titled, “Communion — Our Deliverance From Annihilation” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

In the story of Esther, we see the determination of satan to annihilate the Jewish people. The wisdom of Mordecai, linked with the grace of God, brought deliverance to them. In these days of tribulation, we must realize that the heart of satan has not changed. Unless these days are shortened, no flesh will be saved alive (Matthew 24:22). We must understand that today satan is determined to annihilate all of mankind, not only the Jewish people.

In this day, the wisdom of the prophetic community, linked with the grace of God and the Word of God, will bring about a miraculous deliverance. As we partake of the Communion, we partake of the proof that the annihilation of mankind will be reversed. It is reversed by His cross, His suffering, and by the grace of God.

The threat of annihilation is great, but greater is the deliverance that He has provided, and this is the source of our rejoicing.

Fervent Love — Our Deliverance From Division

This morning I brought a message titled, “Fervent Love — Our Deliverance From Division” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

There must be a freedom in us from every openness to the satanic spirit of division and lack of love that God is judging in this day. Christ’s freedom from satan’s influence was based on His obedience to the Father. Likewise, we too have our freedom from the spirit of division as we obey the one commandment that Christ gave us: “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:34-35).

Under the Law, the commandment was to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). Today, the Lord is saying, “Make it new!” Receive this new commandment to love one another in the power of the Word that imparts the ability to love.

Many people are looking for more outpourings of the Holy Spirit, but the Holy Spirit abiding in us is directly connected to our obedience to this commandment that we love one another. More than we know, this love will be the answer to everything we battle and every difficulty. Keep fervent in your love for one another. It IS our release from division.

We take this Word as our Purim deliverance.

The Power To Be One

This afternoon I brought a message titled, “The Power To Be One” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

When we talk about oneness, one of the problems people have is that it seems impossible because division and diversity of doctrines has existed for so many generations. Whatever our history may be, we have the ability right now to change it! We can repent for the sin of division and lack of love. We can determine to be a new generation entering into a new day, a day of faith, a day of oneness.

We live in the time of the Kingdom of God in its manifestation on earth, and satan knows that to block the Kingdom, he must bring division (Matthew 12:25). Many times, God has poured out His Spirit onto a people, but where did that power and anointing go? It was consumed in division. We could be the generation that ends division.

As prophets, we cry to Him like Daniel did: “Oh God, because of Your great mercy, open Your eyes and see our desolation. Look at the divisions in Your church today and answer us, not for our own merit, but for the sake of Your own name.” (Daniel 9:18-19). God is answering the cry for oneness for His own name’s sake.

What enables us to be immovable on this issue of oneness? Our faith and trust are based on the Lord’s own prayer: “that they may all be one; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me” (John 17:21). The Father WILL fulfill the prayer of His Son! The power to be one comes from His Word, which He will fulfill.

Prophets Of Oneness And Worship

This morning I brought a message titled, “Prophets Of Oneness And Worship” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

Today, Monte Sião is hosting nearly 200 Catholic young adults to experience worship and fellowship as one family. The Holy Spirit is igniting a revolutionary movement for oneness in the hearts and spirits of the Catholic young people, and I feel privileged to be part of what God is doing in them. In this morning’s Word, I welcomed them and imparted a vision of the school of prophets to them.

Elijah is an example of a prophet who saw a problem, knew what to do, and brought the presence of God into the situation. As a result of Elijah’s action, people were freed to worship the one true God.

A prophet not only sees in the spirit, but prophesies and speaks God’s Word with the authority and anointing to create change. The true effectiveness of a prophet’s anointing brings God’s presence into a situation. As we see in the stories of the prophets Elijah (I Kings 18:18-40) and Jahaziel (II Chronicles 20:14-29), they directed the worship with one intense purpose: to bring God’s presence. The direct result of His presence was the destruction of the works of the devil.

We believe these young adults can become the effective prophets that the world needs today.

A Personal Time With Cardinal Dom Orani

Last night I had the honor of welcoming a personal friend, Cardinal Dom Orani João Tempesta, to my home in Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

Last week, I met with Dom Orani at Rio de Água Viva (River of Living Waters) retreat in Rio de Janeiro for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Following that event, we had a time of prayer and heartfelt connection at his office in Rio de Janeiro. Then, last night in the midst of his busy schedule, another opportunity again opened up for us to share our hearts in an amazing time of brotherly fellowship. I deeply appreciate Dom Orani and his staff for making this dinner time possible.

Over the years, as we continue to reach out to the worldwide ecclesia, our friendship has grown into a deep spiritual relationship where we pray together and seek the Lord. We pray for God to show us the next steps towards creating greater oneness in the family of God.

During our fellowship last night, we each shared our own personal experiences in the Lord. We then talked about our deep cry and intercession for Protestants and Catholics to come into an open-heart relationship with each other, based on the irrefutable truth that there are more shared beliefs that would bring us together than would divide us. I expressed my deep concerns about end-time doctrines and misinterpretations of the Scriptures which have led many Christians to misread the role of the Catholic Church.

Dom Orani and I look forward to what we can do and be together as a blessing, as the worldwide ecclesia comes into oneness. We stand together for the core values of the Christian faith, believing we can impact the nations with the truth of the Lord’s gospel.