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Passover — A Nature Change At Gilgal

Tonight I brought a message titled “Passover — A Nature Change At Gilgal” in North Hills, California.

This Word came as an intimate and heartfelt plea that each one of us experiences a personal meeting with the Lord during this Passover. The Passover celebrated by Joshua at Gilgal paints a picture of where we are now positioned at the threshold of God’s Kingdom. At Gilgal, the generation that survived the wilderness with Joshua was circumcised into a covenant with God. Everything of their former life was changing for them, and the captain of the Lord’s host was ready to lead.

God is wooing us into His Kingdom. We must not be conformed to this world; we must be transformed. Prophesy that every reluctance to His Lordship be removed from your heart, mind, soul-flesh, and spirit. In this Passover, let your heart return to Gilgal, and renew your personal covenant with the Lord. This Passover is for your deliverance so that you can deepen your personal relationship with Him and be prepared to live with Him in His Kingdom.

Two Churches, One Heart – Together, Bringing God’s Kingdom

This morning I brought a message titled “Two Churches, One Heart – Together, Bringing God’s Kingdom” at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California.

I joined with Iglesia de Dios and Church of the Living Word as they celebrated the one-year anniversary of their relationship as two unique families of God, united by one purpose. Congregants from Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala participated via phone. Together, we worshiped our Lord with joy and thankfulness, as we sang songs in both Spanish and English.

The Word began with Pastor Omar Pinto drawing us into a week of reflection upon the significance of Christ’s cross and resurrection. Christ does not live in a tomb; He is our risen Lord! His purpose is to be close to us, and to bring His Kingdom on earth.

I continued the Word by imparting a prophetic vision that the Lord has for these two churches. God has given Iglesia de Dios and Church of the Living Word an opportunity to love one another and become one in Christ. These two churches are like the “two by two” that Christ sent into every city and place where He Himself was going to come (Luke 10:1). In our oneness and authority, we will bind the spirits that blind people from seeing the gospel of the Kingdom. God is sending us two by two because each church has the language and the heart that can reach the community around us.

This vision starts today in our neighborhood; yet for these two churches, the Lord has a much bigger vision. As we continue to be given to oneness in Christ, the gospel of the Kingdom will spread from our neighborhood to Central America and South America; and those nations will then have the faith and authority to release North America into God’s Kingdom.

Passover Judges The Gods You Serve

Tonight I celebrated Shabbat HaGadol and brought a message titled “Passover Judges The Gods You Serve” in North Hills, California.

As we approach the Feast of Passover, I am driven to see the School of Prophets fulfill its purpose of bringing the Kingdom of God to earth. Passover in the Bible was all about God delivering His people to live in His Kingdom. Preceding the deliverance of the Israelites, however, judgment had to take place on all the gods of Egypt. Whether the Israelites liked it or not, because they were subject to Pharaoh, they were also subject to a pantheon of gods whom Pharaoh served. God’s judgment on these gods can be seen in each of the plagues, which were not merely judgments on natural things; rather, they were judgments on the deities behind the natural things that the Egyptians worshiped.

God is still looking to deliver His people into His Kingdom. However, today we are just as subject to other spiritual deities as the children of Israel were. The only way we can live in the Kingdom is by making Christ our Lord; we cannot serve two masters. Once we are free from other gods and we are living in the Kingdom, we can, as a school of prophets, deliver all of humanity into the Kingdom. This Passover, we confess our subjection to other gods, and we ask God to finish what He started in the first Passover. Our cry is, Father, deliver us from all the other gods we serve and into Your Kingdom.

God’s One Purpose

This morning I brought a message titled “God’s One Purpose” at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California.

In the beginning God set up His Kingdom in the garden; Adam and Eve walked in a relationship with God as their King. God’s intent and His one purpose is to reestablish His relationship to man and His Kingdom on earth. From Exodus to Revelation, God keeps speaking about a people who are a kingdom and priests to our God (Exodus 19:5-6; Revelation 5:9-10).

Colossians 1:13-14 tell us that God rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son. Jesus forgave our sin, and opened the door for us to relate to Him as Lord. Jesus is ruling, and we should be at His right hand bringing every enemy into subjection to His feet. As the school of prophets, we must weld our hearts together with God’s purpose and take dominion over all authority and power that is not in subjection to His Kingdom.

The Saints Possess The Kingdom

This morning I brought a message titled, “The Saints Possess The Kingdom” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

Our focus is to be on the establishment of the Kingdom of God. The greatest purpose of salvation was to release us out of our bondage to satan’s kingdom and transfer us to the Kingdom of God. For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son (Colossians 1:13-14). Our salvation is just the first step in the Kingdom of God coming to earth.

Daniel chapter 7 shows the picture of the Kingdom of God—when it is given to Christ as an everlasting dominion which will not pass away, and a kingdom which will not be destroyed. Daniel also shows us that Christ possesses His Kingdom with His saints: the saints took possession of the kingdom (Daniel 7: 22).

Every enemy is in the process of being put into subjection to God and we are supposed to be there with Christ participating in this battle to see the release of His Kingdom. We are to be the ones that bind the strongman and plunder his house. We are to be those who execute, by His Word and Name, the judgments over His enemies. Therefore, we need to be born again in the Spirit in order to engage in what Christ is doing now. We must be involved in this process of bringing His Kingdom.

Our focus must be that we do not lose our position of being under the Lordship of Christ, but we keep ourselves positioned at His right hand, persisting in a life in the Spirit. We commit ourselves to engage with the Lamb to see Him receive the reward of His sufferings and to receive His Kingdom free of all His enemies and every resistance. We keep our focus where Christ is, seated at the right hand of the Father, directly involved with the establishment of the Kingdom of God in the heavens and on earth.

The Kingdom Of God Is Not Of This World

This evening I brought a message titled, “The Kingdom Of God Is Not Of This World” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

When satan showed Jesus all the kingdoms of this world, Jesus responded, “My kingdom is not of this world” (John 18:36). The kingdoms of this earth are not the Kingdom of God, but the earth will be brought into subjection to the Kingdom of God.

Christ is seated at this moment at the right hand of the Father. He already has a name above every name and He is in the process of ruling and reigning until every enemy is made the footstool of His feet. And when that is totally accomplished, then the kingdoms of this world will have become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. If you are in total subjection to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, then wherever you are is a manifestation of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. The Lord taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” but He expects us to become that prayer. In our submission, we rule with Him; and what we bind and loose in heaven will be bound and loosed on earth.

Lord, loose the vision of Your Kingdom to us. Get us out of the smallness of our understanding. Expand our hearts and our revelation to understand that You are in the process of establishing Your Kingdom on earth, and let us be a part of establishing it with You.

Fulfill The Original Vision For The School Of Prophets

Last night I brought a message titled, “Fulfill The Original Vision For The School Of Prophets” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

Our founder John Robert Stevens envisioned a generation who would have the ability to see and move in the realm of spirit. He changed everything about his life and ministry in order to focus on learning the spirit realm and imparting this knowledge to others. John functioned in the world of spirit, and he believed to create a school of prophets who could move in the realm of spirit and function as he did. The school of prophets must have this ability, for only in the realm of spirit can we bind and loose and bring the Kingdom of heaven to earth. In order to do this, the realm of spirit must not be hidden from us.

God is making available to us a choice and an opportunity to become the prophets of spirit that John envisioned. We begin a life in the spirit by choosing and determining, “Father, I will to do Your will.” The wisdom of God, the ability to see and move in the realm of spirit, only comes through the Spirit. “God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God” (I Corinthians 2:10).

This Shabbat Word brings us into the provision to fulfill John’s vision for the school of prophets.

The Principle Of Serving And The Double Portion

Last night I brought a message titled, “The Principle Of Serving And The Double Portion” at Mother Mary and St. Jude Thaddeus, a Catholic church located in Padre Miguel, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the parish of Father Claudio Santana.

The Holy Spirit has been poured out in a measure, but how do we grow and increase the Holy Spirit within us? As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another (I Peter 4:10). The Spirit within us grows and increases as we keep fervent in our love for one another and as we serve God’s anointed ones with the gift we have received.

This principle of growth and increase is illustrated in the drive of Elisha to serve Elijah, the hearts of Timothy, Titus, and Epaphroditus as they served Paul, and in Jesus Himself who took the form of a bondservant. The Holy Spirit increased within them until they received a double portion.

Like the young generation around the early apostles, this generation must find a way to serve the Lord’s anointed with the gift that has been imparted to them by the Holy Spirit. As they serve, the Holy Spirit within them will grow, and they will have the power and anointing that is needed to impact the world.

The Spirit Of The Lord Is Lifting Up A Standard

This morning I brought a message titled, “The Spirit Of The Lord Is Lifting Up A Standard” at Monte Sião, Niterói, Brazil.

Christ is returning to earth to set up His Kingdom; and for believers, there is no greater blessing than to live in the Kingdom of God. The plan of satan is to turn this time of Christ’s return into a time of curse rather than blessing. God has an answer for this. His plan is a counterforce to everything the enemy intends to do.

When the enemy shall come in like a flood, The Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. And the Redeemer shall come to Zion (Isaiah 59:19-20 (KJV)). This Scripture shows us that just before the return of Christ, the Holy Spirit raises up a standard to do away with everything that the enemy has planned. God’s people are that standard.

When it appears that the enemy is rushing in with division and hatred, do not be overwhelmed. The spirit of Elijah will come again upon a great company of people, a mighty people (Malachi 4:5-6), and they are the answer that is the counterforce to satan. Know this: God’s plan wins because He WILL fulfill His Word, and you are God’s plan.