The Relationship Between Judaism And Christianity: 14th Century Through The Holocaust

On Monday afternoon August 28th, I brought a teaching titled “The Relationship Between Judaism And Christianity: 14th Century Through The Holocaust” in Honolulu, Hawaii.

In this teaching, we explore the history of anti-Semitism from the end of the 13th century and into the 20th century and look at how anti-Semitism has impacted God’s anointing on the Christian church.

Are the schisms and divisions in the Christian church today a result of our drive and determination to divide ourselves from the Jews, God’s chosen people? How can we be anointed of God, yet at the same time be rejecting His Word and His covenant with Israel and the Jewish people? Our search for the leaven of anti-Semitism leads us to honestly ask these questions and to pray for the Lord to give us His thinking and His heart. God cannot pour out His blessing on the Christian church when He swore to Abraham that He will curse those who curse His people (Genesis 12:3).

When we attempt to convert or evangelize the Jews, we are actually furthering the division and hatred of the Church fathers towards Judaism, rather than ministering the love and comfort of Christ. Let us receive this realization with the humbling conviction that comes from the Holy Spirit.

Lord, help us to find in Your presence a place of repentance. Let our repentance be deep enough that it washes the Church, our Church fathers, and all of our hearts from the satanic impartation of anti-Semitism. Bring us into a new relationship with the Jewish people. With this Word, we believe to begin a path of reconciliation between Christians and Jews that creates a new history, a new future.

This teaching is part of a series, Our Revelation And Relationship With The State Of Israel, Judaism, And The Jewish People.