Hargrave Family Ministry News

We are commissioning our garyhargrave.com website anew! With moving our new posts there and adding new social media Facebook and Twitter, these sites are all a great new way to follow Gary in the ministry.

Of course, all our past posts will still be preserved and available. Remember, past Words from John Stevens and Gary Hargrave, gathered and produced by Marilyn, are always available to research, listen to, and obtain at the Living Word Publications store as well.

Today marks a new year on the Jewish calendar, so it is fitting to begin now with a new blog where Gary Hargrave continues to speak a Living Word – bring sermons, teachings, events, and God’s Word. Please go to and subscribe, click like and/or follow Gary’s tweets and posts now.

So, in conclusion to Gary and Marilyn Hargrave’s blog here, we ask for your continued prayers, and we covet your excitement for this next step in the presentation and announcements from Gary with new and important news from Hargrave Family Ministries through this site at garyhargrave.com. See you there. God Bless you.