Anti-Semitism Is Testing Christianity

On Sunday evening August 27th, I brought a teaching titled “Anti-Semitism Is Testing Christianity” in Honolulu, Hawaii.

When the Israelites turned away from God to worship the golden calf, God became angry. When He was prepared to destroy them and raise up another people through Moses, Moses responded by entreating the Lord to turn away His burning anger. Furthermore, he persistently reminded the Lord of His unbreakable covenant with His chosen people (Exodus 32: 9-14). God used this opportunity to test Moses’ heart and ability to lead Israel. We find this test repeated in the Scriptures when Paul admonishes the Gentile believers for their attitude toward God’s chosen people (Romans 11:25-29).

The leaven of anti-Semitism has placed Christianity in the midst of the same testing. Will Christianity stand up before God as Moses did and say, “If You do not forgive Your chosen people, then blot me out of the book, too” (Exodus 32:32)? God is speaking to us when He says: “‘Comfort, O comfort My people,’ says your God. ‘Speak kindly to Jerusalem; And call out to her, that her warfare has ended’” (Isaiah 40: 1-5). Moses and Paul passed the test. Will Christianity pass the test?

Let us walk through this testing with repentance, and cleanse ourselves from the leaven of anti-Semitism. Father, give us grace and let us comfort all those who mourn in Zion (Isaiah 61:3). Anoint us to minister the love and comfort of Your Son, Jesus, and to proclaim blessing and release to Your chosen people.

This teaching is part of a series, Our Revelation And Relationship With The State Of Israel, Judaism, And The Jewish People.