The Power Of Becoming

Tonight, in a Communion service celebrating the life of John Robert Stevens, I brought a message titled “The Power Of Becoming” at Anuhea Place, Maui, Hawaii.

On August 7, 1976, after receiving personal ministry in Shiloh, John Stevens voiced his refusal to accept the prophecies over him as an individual. He would only accept them as a member of a body of people in which many would participate and many would flourish in the fulfillment.

We were willing to pray for John’s release and believe for him. Now we have to walk into the release and fulfillment of those Words. We have to overcome our personal reluctance and become them. This Word touches on eight different promises and prophetic Words to John. He refused them so we can possess them as a body. Lord, give us the grace, the heart, and the guts to walk in it.