The Leaven Of Anti-Semitism

Tonight I brought a message titled “The Leaven Of Anti-Semitism” at Anuhea, Maui, Hawaii.

The Lord is speaking to us about the things that prevent us from moving as a school of prophets who bring forth the Kingdom of God. It is necessary that we sweep out any leaven of anti-Semitism. We love the Jewish people and the nation of Israel but we have to make sure there is no hidden leaven in our hearts. Satan wants to destroy all flesh, but his hatred and jealousy is first against God’s chosen people. Christianity has been guilty of anti-Semitism; many of the fathers of the Christian Church were anti-Semites. We must sweep out this leaven. Joel’s prophecy of the end time speaks of God gathering the nations for judgment “on behalf of My people and My inheritance, Israel” (Joel 3:2). God’s judgments on the nations will be determined by how they treated His people. We do not want to be condemned with the world; we want to be those prophets that bring forth His Kingdom!

The Lord is warning us to examine our hearts. Let the light of the Holy Spirit shine on us and search out any leaven of anti-Semitism and let the fire of God burn it up.