Travail That Brings A Greater Answer

This morning I brought a message titled “Travail That Brings A Greater Answer” at Grace Chapel in Rockville, Maryland.

We are familiar with the story from I Samuel in which Hannah would weep before the Lord year after year in constant intercession for a child. God caused a difficult situation to draw this cry out of her because He was looking for a greater answer. Hannah gave birth not just to any son, but to Samuel, a man who changed the history of Israel.

The Word of the Lord over this church as prophets to our nation has been delayed for many years, and it would be easy to give up or feel that the Lord doesn’t care. But the truth is, God is drawing a deep travail out of this people, and this depth of intercession is not created overnight. When this cry of intercession reaches the depth He wants, the Word will be manifested. We refresh the Words over Grace Chapel and turn loose this intercession of travail.