Building Oneness – A Chronicle Of My Recent Travels

I have finally returned home to Hawaii after five months and two weeks of travel! It is good to be home! I wanted to briefly share with you where I’ve been and the many events and experiences in these last five months.

On February 15th I left for Brazil, where I attended many services, meetings, and events, including the School of Prophets conference at Monte Sião. While in Brazil, we laid a foundation for the next steps for A Palavra Viva at Monte Sião, and also made great strides in working toward the oneness of God’s people there. I met with leaders from various Catholic, Jewish, and Spirit-filled Christian communities, and our deep relationships and shared drive for oneness among all God’s believers were very evident. For more details and photos, see previous blogs:
Celebrating 50 Years of Catholic Charismatic Renewal at Rio de Água Viva — February 28, 2017 & A Time Of Fellowship With Brazil Jewish Federation Leaders.

After this time in Brazil, I went to the Los Angeles area in April. I participated in a special service at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, where they celebrated the one-year anniversary of their relationship with the Spanish-speaking church Iglesia de Dios. The worship, conducted by leaders of both congregations, alternated between singing in English and Spanish. I felt honored to speak to both of these congregations about their drive to bring God’s Kingdom to the earth and to strengthen their unique anointings. While in L.A., I also celebrated the Feast of Passover with Church of the Living Word.

In May, I travelled from L.A. to Israel, then to Rome, and then back to Israel. The visits to Israel and Rome opened up even more amazing relationships of love and oneness with others who share a drive for God’s Kingdom on earth. Throughout this time, the force of intercession and spiritual support from The Living Word Fellowship was very real to me. There is much to be said about this trip; you can read about it in more detail and see photos in a previous blog:
Historical Events I Recently Attended in Jerusalem and the Vatican.

After completing the trip to Israel and Rome, I returned to Los Angeles. During my brief stay in L.A., I met with Sam Grundwerg, Israel’s Consul General to the Southwest region of the United States. As we talked, we discovered that Sam and the rabbi who had been the Fellowship’s tour guide during the trip to Israel had been raised in the same synagogue under this rabbi’s father! It was a wonderful time of connection with Sam.

In June, I traveled to Shiloh, Iowa, where I prepared for our annual School of Prophets. This School of Prophets was centered on identifying the obstacles that hinder us from moving forward in God as a prophetic community with a family spirit. It was a very effective time, and I felt very blessed to seek God together with people from many different locations, including Father Cláudio Santana from Brazil and many from Austin Cathedral in Austin, Texas, led by my dear friends Bill and Sue Hart. One highlight of this School of Prophets was Shiloh University’s 4th annual graduation ceremony, where I delivered the commencement address.

After the School of Prophets, I met with the overseers of The Living Word Fellowship and we are so thankful for the leading of the Holy Spirit as we move forward. We also had Shiloh University meetings and I am happy to report that Shiloh University is making great strides and growing!

In mid-July, for the final leg of my trip, I went to Washington, D.C. with Craig and Phyllis Haworth to spend time with Pastor Amanda Dempster and everyone at Grace Chapel of Rockville, Maryland. This was an excellent time of connecting with Amanda on the next steps for the church there, and also a time of deep intercession for the United States of America.

I am so thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness to lead me in this special time as we approach the 2nd year of Marilyn’s passing. I am thankful for the many relationships with the worldwide Body of Christ, and I covet your prayers for the next steps. We will not let one Word fall to the ground concerning His promise of oneness.