Passover — A Nature Change At Gilgal

Tonight I brought a message titled “Passover — A Nature Change At Gilgal” in North Hills, California.

This Word came as an intimate and heartfelt plea that each one of us experiences a personal meeting with the Lord during this Passover. The Passover celebrated by Joshua at Gilgal paints a picture of where we are now positioned at the threshold of God’s Kingdom. At Gilgal, the generation that survived the wilderness with Joshua was circumcised into a covenant with God. Everything of their former life was changing for them, and the captain of the Lord’s host was ready to lead.

God is wooing us into His Kingdom. We must not be conformed to this world; we must be transformed. Prophesy that every reluctance to His Lordship be removed from your heart, mind, soul-flesh, and spirit. In this Passover, let your heart return to Gilgal, and renew your personal covenant with the Lord. This Passover is for your deliverance so that you can deepen your personal relationship with Him and be prepared to live with Him in His Kingdom.