Celebrating 50 Years of Catholic Charismatic Renewal at Rio de Água Viva — February 28, 2017

Yesterday, immediately after concluding the School of Prophets at Mount Zion, Silas Esteves and I drove to Rio de Água Viva (River of Living Waters) retreat in Rio de Janeiro where 7,500 of our Catholic brothers and sisters, along with over ten million people via radio and television, were celebrating 50 years of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. Cardinal Dom Orani João Tempesta and Father Antonio Jose invited me to speak at this event, and to attend the Mass that followed.

I spoke about oneness; the outpouring of the Holy Spirit is bringing forth oneness and is healing the Body of Christ from thousands of years of division. God is raising up leaders within the Catholic church with wisdom and perception who are serving this drive of the Holy Spirit. Pope Francis, Cardinal Dom Orani, and Father Antonio José are examples of leaders who are led by the Holy Spirit to create oneness. They are transforming the Catholic Church and all of Christianity.

Just before the celebration of the Mass, Cardinal Dom Orani received Silas Esteves and me; we connected our hearts together in what the Lord is doing in Rio de Janeiro and throughout the world.

In his homily during the Mass, Cardinal Dom Orani spoke about oneness. We must put God first in our lives and fearlessly follow our Lord’s teaching to love one another. Then we will have true oneness with each other; and in that oneness we have the authority to be the light of the Lord to the world. Dom Orani’s homily was exactly the Word flow we had in the School of Prophets service earlier that morning.

I join my heart with Pope Francis, Cardinal Dom Orani, and Father Antonio José in serving the drive of the Holy Spirit for oneness. We will continue this connection with Cardinal Dom Orani in a private time of fellowship tomorrow. Father, we open our hearts to see You glorified through this oneness.