The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience! Special Collection #1

I wanted to share with you that The Living Word has released the first installment of The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience! (Available at Living Word Publications)

This collection of John Robert Stevens’ ministry of the living Word from July 1981 – December 1982 became an unfolding, crescendo of impartation—a creative tidal wave in the Kingdom of God on earth. The collection is available at Living Word Publications as a special bundle: The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience! Special Collection #1. These select messages on CD and vintage print are the catalyst of oneness in relationships, impartation, miracles, healing, and transformation. They are dispensational; they provide the Body of Christ with a blueprint for living in two realms at once, and for bringing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Collection #1 is only $200 for more than 125 messages. This collection represents a third of the messages from the Unfolding and Unwrapping that will become available.

Step into I AM

This morning I brought a message titled, “Step into I AM” at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California.

This Word sets us into a new place in God. We received a prophetic vision in 1972 that speaks of who we are and how we will walk, and we are going to focus on that vision because it is available now.

God introduced Himself to Moses as I AM and Hebrews 11 tells us to believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Our paradigm of time puts things into the past, the present, and the future. But that is not God’s reality. He is, and nothing about God or Jesus will change in the future. So there is no reason for us to wait. He is waiting for us to come into a revelation of I AM.

It’s time to change the way we relate to Him. Don’t put fulfillment into the future; do something different to step into I AM. Start by giving your will to the Father and letting Him work His will in you.

Your Will – Perfected And Matured

This morning I concluded my ministry trip to Cathedral of Praise in Austin, Texas with a message titled, “Your Will – Perfected And Matured”.

This Word of instruction imparted faith and grace to walk into a new day. Cathedral of Praise is shifting more and more into a Kingdom focus and into becoming the Father’s family. As God’s family, we become the atmosphere of love and faith in which believers are brought into maturity and perfection—into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:13). Jesus was not born perfect; He learned obedience from the things that He suffered, and so shall we. The first step of maturity, and the first thing God will do with us as we become His family, is to perfect our will. But He is unable to make us do His will; we must determine to do His will. When we do that, God can create our will into His will and create our actions into His works (Philippians 2:13). As mature, perfected sons, we will bow our knees and confess with our tongue that Jesus is Lord and King.

Growing The Body Of Christ In Oneness

Last night I began my ministry trip to the Cathedral of Praise in Austin, Texas with a Word titled, “Growing The Body Of Christ In Oneness”.

In Ephesians 4, Paul describes the purpose of the gift ministries that Christ gave to His church: “…For the equipping of the saints for the work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ; until we all attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:12-13). The fruit of the gift ministries is not to see a few individuals minister; rather, their anointing must bring a many-membered Body of Christ to a place of oneness and maturity so the Body moves in a ministry to the world.

The people of the Cathedral of Praise are on the brink of changing the landscape of Christianity—a landscape that fulfills Christ’s prayer of John 17:22: The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they maybe one, just as We are one. The first step is for you to pray for a revelation of where He has placed you in the Body. He places every member in the Body as it pleases Him (I Corinthians 12:18). When you receive that revelation, then commit with all your heart, in love and in faith, to function as a member of that Body. In that place where He sets you, you will mature and grow in His glory, and those around you become more than a church—they become your family of God.

I believe that the glory that rested on Christ is deposited at Cathedral of Praise and in Pastor Bill Hart. The flow of oneness will grow until every member of this fellowship carries Christ’s glory and imparts it to the worldwide Body of Christ.

I am thankful to the people of the Cathedral of Praise for their open hearts to this Word, and I look forward to all that God will unfold for us this weekend.

Ministry Trip to Cathedral of Praise of Austin

This weekend I will be in Austin, Texas with Bill Hart and his church, Cathedral of Praise of Austin. Bill is looking for us to impart the anointing of oneness that we have. Silas Esteves will be going with me, and also Kevin Hargrave. We will be spending a lot of time with them, mostly meeting with the leadership of the church.

We will have a meeting on Friday, a service on Friday night, a meeting on Saturday with the eldership, a meeting Saturday night with the eldership and the leaders, and then a Sunday morning service. They normally live stream their services, so if you’re interested you can tune in at

Bill is looking forward to this time, and so are we. He is bringing his church into the truths of the Kingdom, into oneness, and into leadership on a greater level than what’s happening in many places. So, let’s believe that this oneness that God has brought us into will continue to spread. It is my determination that this be the reality. It is dependent on an anointing and the ability to impart and transfer that anointing to the heart and spirit of others.

Please be praying for us while we’re in Austin. I want God to speak to us; I want Him to give us a Word, show us what He wants, and how He wants to impart it. I want the Spirit of God to reveal what the next steps are for Bill’s church individually, as well as how we are to move with the whole Body of Christ. This oneness is huge in what God is doing in the earth today in bringing forth His Kingdom.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn!

Today, my family and I are celebrating Marilyn’s birthday, and we are excited to share a message with you entitled, “If You See The Star, Seek The King.” Without question, it was a moment of destiny when she arrived on this earth! Marilyn had a powerful calling from God, and she walked it out with tremendous integrity.

Marilyn lived presenting her spirit before the Lord. She continually sought deeper and deeper meetings with God for herself and for everyone around her. Every generation in this fellowship has known Marilyn’s intense love for them. She created us into a family by requiring that we love one another, become the Word of God, and be the presence of the Lord to each other. Today, as her family, we unite our hearts together to honor her in our love for one another.

In this message, “If You See The Star, Seek The King,” Marilyn shares a prophecy that the Lord gave her concerning this fellowship. The awesome anointing on this prophecy continues to minister direction for us to this day. The hunger for God expressed by this amazing woman of God is one of her many qualities that we continue to honor about her. Let this message touch your spirit and drive you into God.

If you knew Marilyn, you’d know that she would want any celebration of her life to point back to the Lord. So as we honor her on her birthday, we do so by pressing in to find the presence of the Lord in a greater way. Like Marilyn, we do this for ourselves and for one another.

Happy Birthday, Marilyn. Thank you for your love. Thank you for teaching us to never be satisfied with anything less than the fullness of His presence and the complete manifestation of His Word.

Now, The Vision Belongs To You

This morning I brought a message titled, “Now, The Vision Belongs To You” at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California.

When John Stevens received a vision of the Kingdom in 1972, he noticed two things. One, the people who survived, who were not under deception, were a prophetic community guided by the Holy Spirit. And two, those people had a family spirit. That vision changed John’s life and ministry, and from that time on he began to create prophets. Now we ask the Lord to give each of us that same vision; we want it to be our vision as well. Samson’s father asked the Angel of the Lord to visit again and give instruction on how to raise Samson. He wanted the impartation and the equipping to know how to walk out the vision. We, too, ask the Lord, “Please let the Angel of the Lord whom Thou has sent come to us again, that he may teach us what to do to bring forth Your Kingdom.”

Rekindle Your Childlike Faith

Last night I brought a message titled, “Rekindle Your Childlike Faith” at Rayen Resort in North Hills, California.

In the first service John Stevens attended after the Lord gave him a vision of the Kingdom, he spoke of childlike faith. The vision projected John into the future and in it God showed what He was going to do and what was going to happen to us as a people. God gave the vision to John and it has become our vision and experience. With childlike faith we reach up and say, “Father, reveal Yourself, bathe me in Your presence, and give me a revelation of Your love.”

Pray For Wisdom And Understanding As We Pursue The Vision

Yesterday morning I worshiped with Church of the Living Word just before attending a meeting with the leaders of our fellowship. We will be in meetings all week to seek God’s perfect leading, and we want your prayer. In 1972, the Lord gave our founder John Stevens a vision and a Word for this fellowship: be a spiritual family closely knit together in love, and be a prophetic community with the perception and discernment to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. This vision is still our guiding light.

After the Angel of the Lord visited Samson’s mother concerning her unborn child, the boy’s father asked for another visitation to get more clarity about God’s will for the boy. In the same way we pray, “Lord, come and speak again to our leaders about the vision You gave our founding father; give our leaders understanding, wisdom, and clarity to lead us into a new day of fulfilment.”