He Jealously Desires Your Spirit / A Prophetic Community First Becomes Watchmen

This morning I brought a communion message titled, “He Jealously Desires Your Spirit,” followed by a Word titled, “A Prophetic Community First Becomes Watchmen,” at Grace Chapel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Samuel and Elijah not only saw what God was doing, they also spoke a creative prophetic Word and moved in authority to accomplish what the Lord was speaking. A key for us to move in that same anointing and to function as a prophetic community is to become watchmen as described in Isaiah 62:6-7. Day and night, watchmen remind the Lord of all that He has spoken. As watchmen, we prophesy what God has already spoken, knowing that His Word will not return to Him void without accomplishing what He desires. Search the Scriptures and re-voice His Word with a determination to see it fulfilled. This Word gives us the next step towards becoming a community of seer-prophets.

In the communion message, we were made aware of God’s drive and jealous desire for the Spirit which He has put within each one of us (James 4:5).

Exchange Your Paradigm For His Truth

This morning I brought a message titled, “Exchange Your Paradigm For His Truth” at Grace Chapel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This fellowship has a Word to become the family of God and a prophetic community. What does it mean to be a prophet? The prophets in the Scriptures were those who saw what the Lord was doing, spoke according to the will of God, and created changes in the earth by that prophetic Word. How do we become the prophetic community God is looking for? We need a renewing of our minds (Ephesians 4:22-24).

There are concepts and paradigms in our minds that can block us from becoming and creating what the Lord wants. There is nothing more dangerous than wrong paradigms; they control our reactions to the world around us. If we are going to be prophets, we need to let the Lord wash us of our paradigms and be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). As we pray in the Spirit and behold Him, He exchanges the lies with His truth and His truth sets us free.

The Fusion Of Our Dedication With His Miracle Power

This morning I brought a message titled, “The Fusion Of Our Dedication With His Miracle Power” at Grace Chapel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Today is the final day of Hanukkah as well as the first day of the new year. Hanukkah represents the cleansing and rededication of the temple, and God’s miracle of provision. Our bodies are a temple for the Holy Spirit, and by faith we reach in to see God’s temple cleansed. This year we rededicate ourselves to the Lord and prepare to live as a light to the world.

When we dedicate ourselves to Him and give Him our free will, it allows Him to work in us for His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). This takes our drive and our groaning to be sons, but it also requires His miracle power to cleanse and transform us. Romans 8:29 assures us of His determined will for us: “For those whom He foreknew, He also predestined to become conformed to the image of His Son.”

This is a year of our dedicated walk with Him. As we freely give our wills to Him, He will freely meet us and transform us into the image of His Son.

We Appropriate God With Us

This morning I brought a message titled, “We Appropriate God With Us” at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California.

This Word gives us a fresh look and deeper revelation of Christ’s birth recorded in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. In absolute determination to break through into your life, God brought forth His son to save you. “And they shall call His name Immanuel,” which translated means, “God with us.” (Matthew 1:23). The presence of God dwelling with us is like the sacrament of communion; it is always available. By faith, we can appropriate His presence any time and all the time.

The magi sought to find Christ and fell on their faces to worship Him. They also gave Him their treasures. We, likewise, open our hearts in worship and offer Him everything of value in our lives. We realize that God gave us His greatest treasure in His son–and made His presence available to us to appropriate anytime. We return this gift and give Him all that we have and are.

A Night To Honor Israel

On Thursday evening at Church of the Living Word, we were honored to have Robert Ilatov of the Israeli Knesset speak to us about the miracle of Israel’s existence. Robert is the chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, the “Israel Beitenu” faction, and the Israeli High-Tech Caucus. He was introduced to The Living Word Fellowship by Shlomo Hizak, founder of AMI – Jerusalem Center, which provides training in Jewish Christian relations in 76 nations around the world. Shlomo was born and raised in Jerusalem and is a long-time friend of The Living Word Fellowship. We were further honored with an address from Sam Grundwerg, Israel’s Consul General to the Southwest region of the United States. Prior to becoming the Consul General, Mr. Grundwerg was appointed Director General in Israel for the World Jewish Congress (WJC). This very special evening was a monumental moment in strengthening our relationship with Israel and the Jewish community, as we continue to pray for their prosperity and the complete fulfillment of God’s Word over His people. We greatly thank Shlomo Hizak for making this heart connection possible.

Gary Hargrave, Shlomo Hizak, Robert Ilatov, Sam Grundwerg

When The Word of God Abides In You

This morning I brought a message titled, “When The Word of God Abides In You” at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California.

Our focus remains on the prophecy that we will become a prophetic community wholly led by the Spirit of God. But before we can be this people, we have to deal with the unbelief in our minds over the Word of God.

Isaiah 11:3 says, “And He will delight in the fear of the Lord, and He will not judge by what His eyes see, nor make a decision by what His ears hear.” This prophecy about Christ must become our new relationship with the Word. We cannot be moved by circumstances–we must only be moved by the Word of God. Abraham walked in the future resurrection of Christ, and men like Smith Wigglesworth reached back to Christ’s resurrection. This new relationship with the Word will transform our minds. If the Word abides in us, we will be set free from the bondage of futility, and we will set mankind free.

God’s Past and Future Is Your Present

This morning I brought a message titled, “God’s Past and Future Is Your Present” at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California.

We are called to be a community of prophets who live in two realms, but that cannot happen while our minds are conformed to this age. The transformation we seek comes through the renewing of our minds. We must come to I AM and break the barrier of time. God holds the past, the present, and the future before Him in His mind. And our faith can claim the promises of the past and the prophecies of the future for today. Jesus walked this way, and so did men of faith in the Scriptures.

How can we become spiritual and move in the spirit? How can we start renewing our minds? Follow Daniel’s example: he prayed three times a day (Daniel 6:10). Schedule time during your day to pray in the Spirit. Prayer in the Spirit takes your mind out of conformity to this world and begins the process of the renewal of your mind. Praying in tongues is our first practical step to move as prophets of God and become the prophetic community that He has prophesied about.

The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience! Special Collection #1

I wanted to share with you that The Living Word has released the first installment of The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience! (Available at Living Word Publications)

This collection of John Robert Stevens’ ministry of the living Word from July 1981 – December 1982 became an unfolding, crescendo of impartation—a creative tidal wave in the Kingdom of God on earth. The collection is available at Living Word Publications as a special bundle: The Unfolding and Unwrapping Experience! Special Collection #1. These select messages on CD and vintage print are the catalyst of oneness in relationships, impartation, miracles, healing, and transformation. They are dispensational; they provide the Body of Christ with a blueprint for living in two realms at once, and for bringing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Collection #1 is only $200 for more than 125 messages. This collection represents a third of the messages from the Unfolding and Unwrapping that will become available.

Step into I AM

This morning I brought a message titled, “Step into I AM” at Church of the Living Word in North Hills, California.

This Word sets us into a new place in God. We received a prophetic vision in 1972 that speaks of who we are and how we will walk, and we are going to focus on that vision because it is available now.

God introduced Himself to Moses as I AM and Hebrews 11 tells us to believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Our paradigm of time puts things into the past, the present, and the future. But that is not God’s reality. He is, and nothing about God or Jesus will change in the future. So there is no reason for us to wait. He is waiting for us to come into a revelation of I AM.

It’s time to change the way we relate to Him. Don’t put fulfillment into the future; do something different to step into I AM. Start by giving your will to the Father and letting Him work His will in you.